A generous hand…

Hello everyone! This is the last week of the corvid challenge and I am participating in it. This is the post I am going to enter in the challenge.

The above image is of the crow that visits my house for lunch every day. I feed it biscuits,bread and other morsels. First the crow eats some pieces. The other pieces it takes in its beak to its nest.

Here you can clearly see the nest with the mama crow in it. I look at the nest every once in a while with my binoculars, eagerly waiting for the eggs to hatch.

What amuses me is that I am a part of the food resource for the crow. I am like the generous hand, feeding the crow which would feed its chicks.

Crows are intelligent creatures but the only thing I hate is how it keeps scaring away my neighbour sparrows. I know it’s in their nature but still.

The one thing I am afraid of is how the greenery on our earth is depleting. We have a little hill behind our house full of greenery AND birds. Near our house was a tree whose branches had crossed the fence. On that branch was a crow’s nest. Just yesterday they cut down that branch and almost half the tree. Thankfully , the breeding season was over,the chicks had flown away and the nest naturally fell apart before all this.

Oh, I remembered, yesterday, I saw a big big crow,bigger than normal ones. It was big and strong with a big wingspan and intimidated the pair of crows sitting near it. This big crow was fully black probably cause it was a wild crow and not a city one who have a greyish neck.

I love exploring nature and any bird and nest, even the regular crows. I’ve learnt quite a bit from this corvid challenge. Hope there comes another animal challenge. All for now guys! Hope you enjoyed!

– Twiligh

By TwilightArtist

The best time of day !

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