Bird Fantasy

Hey guys! As I am learning photography, i have a collection of bird photographs here. ( taken by my mobile) As I am just a beginner, please dont get your hopes up but I’ll definitely try my best. Ill post a blog full of photographs after this one.One of the reasons I have posted this blog is Cause i am participate in the 12th corvid challenge and really wanted to post other bird photographs too. So let’s begin!

First one up… the Great coucal !

Ok, so this is what it looks like. Black ‘n’ Blue slender body with brownish orange wings. It would have been mistaken as a crow if it hadn’t been for its spectacular wings. There are families of these near my house and I get to see them almost everyday. Though it is like a crow, it doesn’t create nuisance like crows do. Actually, it doesn’t even have a harsh voice like a crow even though it is from the crow family. It is a very shy and curious bird unlike aggressive crows. The Great Coucal doesn’t nest in trees. Instead, it nests in a hole in a bush or in very low trees. In the above picture, it is sitting on a low tree. In the morning, I saw it hop and disappear inside a big Bush where I guess there might be a nest. This pic was taken from a distance and so isn’t very clear.

Next up…. Crows!

Crows may look loud, noisy, dirty and dark sided creatures though they aren’t. There are a number of myths linked with crow and these should be overlooked. Crows may be very common and plain but they posses many good qualities and skills.

First, here are some myths linked to crows which you shouldn’t believe. If you are familiar with any of these then now you know that it isn’t true.

1. They are bad omens and a crow coming close to you means you’ll have bad luck.

2. Crows are accompanied by the the dead or they are our long gone ancestors.

3. Lots of crows means someone is dead.

4. A crow cawing more than 3 times, seeing 6 crows death will follow.

5. Tip your hat if you see a magpie to avoid bad luck.

Ok, the above myths are very unpleasant and not at all true. Crows hunt food and are also scavengers. They can eat anything: rats, insects,frogs, snakes and eat from garbage bins,etc. But they aren’t dirty. They groom and preen themselves just like other birds.

Once, a crow sat on our window sill and I fed it. Since then, it visits our house, now with another crow. It was going ok for a while until the crow started making itself at home. It would caw a lot and if was ignored, would hop inside the house directly on the dining table and help himself to whatever he could find. Like an open pack of biscuits, bread or a cup of milk! It was very annoying. My father said that ‘ it eats good knows WHAT! And with its shaking feathers, in comes germs.’ Ok, so feeding crows was one nice thing but them coming inside with all the germs just wasn’t done. So the next time it came, I shooded it away. I think it got pretty ticked off because it didn’t return for 2 weeks and left me feeling guilty. When it did come back, we’d give him some tidbits and the crow stopped being pushy. Eventually, my father developed a habit of giving him any piece of biscuits and bread.

A crow nest with a crow

All was going well until a pair of sparrows built a nest in one of our climber plants. ( I have written 2 blogs all about it ; A New Family Member part 1 & 2.) The sparrows were probably felt threatened by the presence crows and abandoned the nest. The nest slowly fell apart.Then, after 1 month, they decide to come back and built the nest again. But, it hadn’t even been 2 weeks and the crow is jealous. I saw him fly over to the climber plant and sit near the nest. Before it could do anything, I angrily shooed him away. Fortunately, the nest wasn’t much disturbed and was perfectly in shape. I was very angry and feared that the crow would destroy the nest. It hasn’t done any mischief till now and I’ll see to it that it doesn’t.

– TwilightArtist

PS. Next Blog- Changes and Movements around us…

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