My Last Photo of the Month. 1/7/20

Hello! Welcome back! I am participating by entering my last photo of the month .and this is the post i am entering for the theme! In case you haven’t heard it, just create a post with the last month’s last photo you’ve taken. It could be about anything, so no worries! And create ping back of the post and send it to Brian at Bushboy’s World! Hope I helped!

So, this is my last pic of June ( thankgod it was a presentable one!)

An evening sunset pic.

Isnt it wonderful? A soothing pink sky with clouds looking like cotton candy seems like a dreamland! Actually, I wasn’t sure which photo I had taken the last because I have one more,so I might as well post it!

Look at this cute kitty! Her name is Emerald ( green eyes!) She is a stray kitten.Hard to believe it but she is just around 3 to 4 days old! Yah! This is a close up pic so that’s why she looks so big but actually, she is as big as my palm and fingers!

All for now! Hope you like the pics!

– TwilightArtist.


A divine art painted by mother nature’s hands.

Hello guys! How are you? Do you need some burst of energy and beauty? Some inspiration for your next painting? This post will give you some inspiration AND wow you.

I have started learning photography and in this post, you’ll see some of the most recently taken. ( some because I took a lot of them) So let’s get started!

This one is so pretty and one of my favorites. Here you can see 3 to 4 different types of trees giving an illusion that all seasons have occurred at the same time! There’s a lush green tree, an orangish one and a yellowish greenish tree. How cool is that?!

Guys please ignore the buildings in the background. The misty sky , the bird and the straight branch of the tree is what makes this pic special.

Look at this!

And this! The colors are not only fascinating but doesn’t it seem as if the leaves are made of copper ?

A cloudy sky, shadowed tree and a crow sitting in it. It looks like a painting, doesn’t it?

This one’s full of greenery. The trees branches a widely spread out with shades of green here and there. There’s a pair of crows in the middle. Do you see them?

A beautiful one, isn’t it? The delicate flowers with a cluster of buds is the beauty of the pic.

These flowers, yes that’s right, these are actual flowers, are camouflaging between the buds. The colors are warming and have a beautiful shading.

A delicate red with whitish shade.

Fluffy, delicate and snowy white flowers with tiny yellows in the center is an elegant combination, isn’t it?

Can you see a blue insect near the flowers guys? Gosh, in every flower pic I took, the flowers had 2 to 3 bees near them. I used to be afraid of them but soon discovered that they were totally minding their own business and soon got used to them😅.

Let’s end on a happier note . This one might get you cracking. Literally! It’s so funny.

Look at this! There are two dogs here. One on the car! Look below what the dog on the car is thinking.

Dog on the car – “ This is fun. I have a much better view up here. Come on up, buddy!”………. Dog on the ground- “ No thanks, I better not.”

Dog on the car – “ Uh oh, someone’s coming. And I don’t like the look on his face!”

Dog on the car- “ Oh. He didn’t seem to mind. Perhaps he wasn’t the owner. Well, before someone else comes, I should leave. How should I do that? Climbing up was easy!”

Dog on the car- “Yep, now I got the hang of it!”


Hahahaha! The comic makes it funnier, right?

So guys, which was your favorite photo? Which amused you the most? These weren’t my best photos but I love them and I’ve been saving some for more posts.

So thank you guys. This is all for now. Thanks for reading!


A generous hand…

Hello everyone! This is the last week of the corvid challenge and I am participating in it. This is the post I am going to enter in the challenge.

The above image is of the crow that visits my house for lunch every day. I feed it biscuits,bread and other morsels. First the crow eats some pieces. The other pieces it takes in its beak to its nest.

Here you can clearly see the nest with the mama crow in it. I look at the nest every once in a while with my binoculars, eagerly waiting for the eggs to hatch.

What amuses me is that I am a part of the food resource for the crow. I am like the generous hand, feeding the crow which would feed its chicks.

Crows are intelligent creatures but the only thing I hate is how it keeps scaring away my neighbour sparrows. I know it’s in their nature but still.

The one thing I am afraid of is how the greenery on our earth is depleting. We have a little hill behind our house full of greenery AND birds. Near our house was a tree whose branches had crossed the fence. On that branch was a crow’s nest. Just yesterday they cut down that branch and almost half the tree. Thankfully , the breeding season was over,the chicks had flown away and the nest naturally fell apart before all this.

Oh, I remembered, yesterday, I saw a big big crow,bigger than normal ones. It was big and strong with a big wingspan and intimidated the pair of crows sitting near it. This big crow was fully black probably cause it was a wild crow and not a city one who have a greyish neck.

I love exploring nature and any bird and nest, even the regular crows. I’ve learnt quite a bit from this corvid challenge. Hope there comes another animal challenge. All for now guys! Hope you enjoyed!

– Twiligh


A New Family Member part 5

Hello guys! Feels so good to be back😊. I know this incident is taking a lot to end but honestly, I don’t want it to. Anyways, I won’t bore you . Just get ready to melt into a puddle of cuteness as this blog post will be all about DIDDO.

By the way guys, this isn’t continued to the part 4 as this post will actually be about cuteness and innocence of DIDDO. So what happened after the the incident in part four will be in part 6.

Some of DIDDO’s most cute habits were chewing. It had begun teething and would want to gnaw and get hold of anything that was within it’s reach. Even fingers if we let it! ( which we would) But it’s bite didn’t hurt as the teeth were teeny tiny!🥰

The best thing DIDDO liked to get hold of In it’s teeth were my father’s long pajamas! Yes! And we had to divert it with something else to forget the pajamas ( at the most for 20 seconds!) It would tug and pull at the pajamas so much that my father had to run! It was funny ( hilarious!🤫) and extremely cute. The below video will make you laugh or at least bring a smile on your face and melt your heart!!!🤗

DIDDO and the ball.

See? What did I tell you? Another habit, I’ve mentioned earlier, was that DIDDO liked to go between the gaps in our flower pots and go in an out of the little ‘lane’ between the lined up pots and the wall. It was funny and a bit amusing as we wondered how DIDDO would entertain itself by doing that but it seemed to enjoy and would do that when we would get exhausted by playing with it whereas DIDDO’s tank of energy was FULL! Once, it fell asleep between 2 pots against the wall , which camouflaged DIDDO! We were worried SICK searching for it! 😅

DIDDO also respected my father A LOT even though I had rescued it! Dogs are intelligent creatures and have a special bonding with humans. They clearly understand and identify the head of the family. And so, when at night, my father sits on the sofa to watch TV, DIDDO is right beside him at his heels. Even if we sleep, DIDDO stays with my father.

This habit of DIDDO is a very cute one. For the next few days, whenever we woke up and went in the bathroom to brush, we would find DIDDO snuggled up on the pile of clothes there! DIDDO’s that action was so cute and heartbreaking! Even though there was a basket with some clothes in it, the monsoon nights were extremely cold and humid and so, DIDDO had found a warm place to snuggle up!🥰

Then after that, when we all used to sleep in the bedroom and father would finally switch off the TV, DIDDO followed him. And the next morning, we would find DIDDO snuggled up on a mat or a towel right beside our bed. DIDDO is such a loyal and cute puppy!

A tired DIDDO has a good stretch and a quick nap.( for about 2 minutes) Watch out! DIDDO’s energy tank will soon be full and DIDDO would empty yours by playing with you! ( the playing includes chasing, jumping, chewing and MUCH MUCH more!)

That’s all for now guys! Was I successful in making you smile and melting your hearts? I’d love to hear in the comments! Thanks for reading! – TwilightArtist.


Bird Fantasy

Hey guys! As I am learning photography, i have a collection of bird photographs here. ( taken by my mobile) As I am just a beginner, please dont get your hopes up but I’ll definitely try my best. Ill post a blog full of photographs after this one.One of the reasons I have posted this blog is Cause i am participate in the 12th corvid challenge and really wanted to post other bird photographs too. So let’s begin!

First one up… the Great coucal !

Ok, so this is what it looks like. Black ‘n’ Blue slender body with brownish orange wings. It would have been mistaken as a crow if it hadn’t been for its spectacular wings. There are families of these near my house and I get to see them almost everyday. Though it is like a crow, it doesn’t create nuisance like crows do. Actually, it doesn’t even have a harsh voice like a crow even though it is from the crow family. It is a very shy and curious bird unlike aggressive crows. The Great Coucal doesn’t nest in trees. Instead, it nests in a hole in a bush or in very low trees. In the above picture, it is sitting on a low tree. In the morning, I saw it hop and disappear inside a big Bush where I guess there might be a nest. This pic was taken from a distance and so isn’t very clear.

Next up…. Crows!

Crows may look loud, noisy, dirty and dark sided creatures though they aren’t. There are a number of myths linked with crow and these should be overlooked. Crows may be very common and plain but they posses many good qualities and skills.

First, here are some myths linked to crows which you shouldn’t believe. If you are familiar with any of these then now you know that it isn’t true.

1. They are bad omens and a crow coming close to you means you’ll have bad luck.

2. Crows are accompanied by the the dead or they are our long gone ancestors.

3. Lots of crows means someone is dead.

4. A crow cawing more than 3 times, seeing 6 crows death will follow.

5. Tip your hat if you see a magpie to avoid bad luck.

Ok, the above myths are very unpleasant and not at all true. Crows hunt food and are also scavengers. They can eat anything: rats, insects,frogs, snakes and eat from garbage bins,etc. But they aren’t dirty. They groom and preen themselves just like other birds.

Once, a crow sat on our window sill and I fed it. Since then, it visits our house, now with another crow. It was going ok for a while until the crow started making itself at home. It would caw a lot and if was ignored, would hop inside the house directly on the dining table and help himself to whatever he could find. Like an open pack of biscuits, bread or a cup of milk! It was very annoying. My father said that ‘ it eats good knows WHAT! And with its shaking feathers, in comes germs.’ Ok, so feeding crows was one nice thing but them coming inside with all the germs just wasn’t done. So the next time it came, I shooded it away. I think it got pretty ticked off because it didn’t return for 2 weeks and left me feeling guilty. When it did come back, we’d give him some tidbits and the crow stopped being pushy. Eventually, my father developed a habit of giving him any piece of biscuits and bread.

A crow nest with a crow

All was going well until a pair of sparrows built a nest in one of our climber plants. ( I have written 2 blogs all about it ; A New Family Member part 1 & 2.) The sparrows were probably felt threatened by the presence crows and abandoned the nest. The nest slowly fell apart.Then, after 1 month, they decide to come back and built the nest again. But, it hadn’t even been 2 weeks and the crow is jealous. I saw him fly over to the climber plant and sit near the nest. Before it could do anything, I angrily shooed him away. Fortunately, the nest wasn’t much disturbed and was perfectly in shape. I was very angry and feared that the crow would destroy the nest. It hasn’t done any mischief till now and I’ll see to it that it doesn’t.

– TwilightArtist

PS. Next Blog- Changes and Movements around us…


A Splash of color. Art post.

Hello friends! I was couldnt think what to post. So after this blog, I’ll post the blog : A NEW FAMILY MEMBER part5.Today I am bringing to you a collection of some of my paintings. Looking for some colorful inspiration? These paintings might give you plenty. So let’s start…

My Paintings

This is the most recent one. Its misty but bright with those fluffy bunnies and a bright white ‘n’ yellow moon.

This is a Christmassy one. With shiny crisp snow, a little cottage and a bright bright Christmas tree and a starry sky.

This is a beautiful combination of yellow blue and green colors. The tree,water ,sky and grass have their own unique features. This evening sky is a soothing painting.

Ok,this might not be my best but it really calms me down. The colors are light and dreamy and this is something I did quickly. With the light colors, you may quickly guess that it is watercolor painting.

These are some watercolor flowers that I painted when I started learning watercolor painting and shading.

Look at this cute fuzzy bunny! Dont you feel like cuddling it?

This a last painting of the sunset. Can you make out the sky and the water and reflection?

My MOM’S Paintings.

These are superb and might be as old as 1 year old but still….

Ain’t this awesome?

And this?

And what about THIS?! All the 3 paintings are done by my mom. There are more but I’ll have to find them. It’s all f or now, hope you enjoy.



A New Family Member part 4

Ok, so it’s been a while since the part 3 so let’s recollect everything…. Got it? Good. So let’s continue.

My mom came back home. I excitedly went to her and she saw the puppy. ‘Oh., so this is the puppy you’ve been talking about. ‘ she said. ‘Yes’ was my short excited answer.

This pic was taken later

This was a very busy day for me. It was the last day of stay of my grandparents and I had also brought a puppy home.

I might not remember all the events in a sequence but I do remember them in detail. I should have started writing a blog daily of each events during that time but I hadn’t started blogging back then.

The first day wasn’t much of a fuss. I had asked mom on the phone what to give DIDDO to eat and she had told me, “ Just some milk and a roti, as it is just a baby.” And that what I did. It was very fun to watch DIDDO eating. It would lap up the milk and the soaked roti in it. The it would keep on licking the bowl, sometimes even stepping on in it!😄

Then came the worst part. DIDDO peed sometime later ( after playing with us and having good exercise and digestion) . I didn’t quite know what to do as I that thought never occurred to me. I just put some water over it, kinda mopped it and left the rest to evaporate and dry.😋

Just sometime after, DIDDO did an ACCIDENT! Ugh! That to in the middle of the corridor outside our house.🤦🏻‍♀️ A nice uncle taught me how to clean it with with newspaper. I followed.

Just this much for now guys! I think this experience is going to take a lot of parts to cover. But keep reading for DIDDO mischief, habits, favorite items and cute habits that’ll melt your heart.

P.S : NEXT BLOG- – A New Family Member part 5


10 Fun things to do during lockdown ( kids & family)

Being stuck at home does get boring doesn’t it? Here are 10 fun activities me and my family are doing during the lockdown.

1. Morning Exercises

Doing excercises is great for your body but doing it together with your family is  a fun experience. You can do stretching exercises ( kids are more flexible, aren’t they?) , do Surya namaskar and Family Excercises such as Pebble on Rock, Double Boat, Flying Bed and much more.( check out the poses on internet)

2. Cook ‘n’ Bake

The whole family together in the kitchen gets super fun and creative ( a bit messy, sometimes). Have fun cooking, baking or making breakfast together. Make a PB & J sandwich, pancakes or salads together. Bake a cake, make cookies or popsicles. Learn your grandma’s recipe for a perfect pie or just make your OWN UNIQUE FAMILY RECIPE with all kinds of flavors and stuffing. Children will have great fun at this; learning, exploring and creating AND

  • Enhancing Fine Motor Skills. …
  • Increase Math Ability. …
  • Improving Reading Skills. …
  • Being introduced to Scientific Concepts. …
  • Learning Life Skills. …
  • Encouraging Family Bonding.

3. Doing household chores.

During this pandemic period, you should keep your house squeaky clean so as to not attract nasty germs. What’s this got to do with family bonding? Keeping the house clean means a LOT of chores right? Then this is the perfect time to teach the children all about

  • responsibility and self-reliance. …
  • teamwork. …
  • respect…
  • strong work ethic. …
  • planning and time management skills.

Divide household chores and assign each member with an age suitable chore. If all have the capacity of doing any work, then they can take turns to do it. This is fun and chores get finished easily and faster due to the whole family pitching in to do it. If one of the parents isn’t a working one, then kids experience the hardwork and appreciate and respect them.

4. Arts ‘n’ Crafts

This is a LOT of Fun! There are no limits or boundaries set while being artsy and creative ( except being to messy 😋). There are tons of ideas that you can do , like finger painting, collage, crafts and what not?! But remember, the key points are :

☝️ Do it together as a family and have fun! ✌Be AS MESSY AS YOU CAN!! 😉

5. Hit The Music!

Grab those musical instruments and have a little concert between yourselves. Oops, I went too ahead,didn’t I ? Learn to play a musical instrument with your family. Like the cool guitar from dad, a harmonica from grandpa or that harmonium (not harmonica, there’s a difference) from your grandma. If you already know, then what are you waiting for, let’s begin!

For those who dont have any instruments to play or learn, just make some easy ones with your family like a little drum,maracas, cymbals and much more.

Or you can just keep it simple. Just have fun dancing and singing on your favorite song with the whole family. Or play musical games like : Musical Chairs. JUST KEEP HAVING FUN!!

6. Play Board Games

Have rounds of your fun,exciting board games like The Game of Life, Picnic, Ludo, Snakes and Ladders,Carrom etc. Not just board games but you can learn to play different games, such as the games your grandparents played when they were little. You can play knucklebones, have tea parties, play with dolls. Also include your pets like Dogs etc. Give them excercise and play with them. After all, aren’t they a part of the family, too?

7.Grab a popcorn bucket! It’s Movie Time!!

Yes! Watching movies with your family, especially at night is pretty fun. Getting cosy on the sofa with popcorn and the feel of the movie is pretty amazing. Though it isn’t the best way to spend time with your family, it’s the most chosen option. So make the best out of it. Don’t ignore the movie and start playing on the mobile or worse yet, don’t leave the scene altogether just because ‘ it got boring’ because this shows poor family coordination. And here’s a tip: The most intresting parts in a movie comes right after the boring ones. So keep patience!

8. Playing Cards

Me and my family play cards after dinner every night. It’s lot of fun and me and my brother learned a lot of card games like bridge, diamond theif, 7 hearts. It’s a good activity as the only thing needed is a deck of cards and you can play a variety of games.

9. Experimenting

By this I mean two things. 1. Doing scientific experiments, reading about it,learning new things or making some DIYs . 2. Have a New Makeover! Change your hairstyle, put some kid-friendly tattoos, do new nailarts every 2 days, Just do something crazy!

You might wonder that what’s the point of doing all these makeovers if nobody’s gonna see or notice them, but believe me, this is the time to do it! For no one’s gonna notice the crazy you. I had a bad haircut and I escaped the embarrassment by the lockdown. So try it and see.

10. Learn your prayers, meditate.

This is one of the nicest things I’ve done. Learning my prayers and praying to god for hope that these difficult times would be over is very soothing. You should definitely try this and write down the prayer in a book. Keep it like a prayer journal.

So these are the things I have been doing with my family. I am enjoying them a lot ! Other than these I have been doing things like nail art, hairstyles etc. I also love to paint.


Painting by TwilightArtist

A New Family Member part 3

Recap: I found a lonely puppy, named it DIDDO, took pity on it and brought it home. P.S. There will be total 5 parts / blog posts to cover this incident.

Ok, so now that I’ve reached home ( the little girl also came to my house) I noticed for the first time how dirty DIDDO’s fur was. DIDDO’s cuteness had blinded me of it’s dirty paws and fur. It was probably because of the muddy, cemented construction site. So the first thing I decided to do was to give DIDDO a nice warm bath. It would not only make it’s fur clean but would also kick out the cold from its young bones.

See how clean Diddo is?! This pic was taken 2 days later

I kept DIDDO outside our house, near our plants and told the little girl to keep an eye on DIDDO.

I brought a little bucket, full of warm ( not at all to hot!) water. Then slowly, I poured some water on DIDDO and scrubbed it’s fur with my hands. The little girl sat down in front of DIDDO so it won’t wander away in the middle of it’s bath time. She too helped clean DIDDO ( with my guidance, ofcourse.) When the water was finished and the girl got up, DIDDO walked a few steps and shook itself making water droplets fly everywhere. Even though it had done so, I brought a cloth and wiped DIDDO’s fur so it would be the least bit damp and DIDDO won’t catch a cold.

Then, I found a big basket and some warm cloths. I put folded the cloths and put it in the basket. This would be DIDDO’s home. I put DIDDO in it and took it inside. I took my grandma’s hairdryer and further dried DIDDO’s fur.

DIDDO’s basket. Did you spot DIDDO? DIDDO is tucked up inside those cosy cloths . This pic was taken later at night.

Then my grandma saw what I was doing and was horrified. She, grandpa and my mom had a dog when they were younger but after it’s death, they had decided not to have ANY more pets. So she told me to take DIDDO outside the house. She probably didn’t wanted to get too attached to this puppy. She kept mumbling about how shocked my mom would be when she came back from work. That made me uneasy.

I took a cardboard box and put the basket with DIDDO inside on it. I hoped DIDDO would fall asleep but that didn’t quite happen. Or the TOTAL OPPOSITE happened. DIDDO was in an energetic mood and kept climbing out of the box and toppling it. Then it chased me all around the corridor. It was very much fun. DIDDO would crouch down on it’s front legs and it’s tail would wag from side to side and then suddenly DIDDO would come running up at us. It was soo cute. I wish I could explain it better as I don’t want to forget these moments . For sometime I played with DIDDO and when it got tiring,( it seemed DIDDO’s battery of energy WONT GO DOWN!) I went and stood on the second step of staircase. And DIDDO didn’t know how to climb steps. Then it would quickly get diverted and forget it was chasing me. It loved our plants. They were kept a little away from the wall in a row. DIDDO would go in and out of that tiny lane. Sometimes it camouflaged with the colour of the wall and we couldn’t see it. Once, DIDDO fell asleep there and we were worried sick where it had gone!😅

Ok, so let’s get back where we were.

I told my brother to entertain DIDDO. Then I went inside and called my mom. “ Hello mom, you know I bought something to the house”, I said. “ What?” my mom said. “A-A little puppy… But MOM, it was shivering with cold, it’s mom isn’t with it and I have kept the puppy outside the house. And it is cosy cosy in the new basket home…” “Ok, ok-” “Please mom please!” “ Ok ok, I am coming home, on my way.” * gasps* “ Thanks MoM soo much. I’ll try to keep the puppy outside near the plants. We’ll keep it here till we find it’s mom and take it to a vet!” “ Ok”.

Guys! My mom just agreed! I am sooo happy. I’ll wait for her to come back. TO BE CONTINUED IN PART 4